ATO Platform

ATO is the new standard for artists, collectors, and galleries. ATO protects against the emergence of a counterfeit market, tracks art value, provenance, and collects royalties for artists.


ATO believes in challenging the status quo by providing a market structure which perpetually supports artists careers and legacy.


ATO records data around art and generates a unique ID (aka. a block) on the blockchain with royalty terms included. When a collector resells your work they report the new owner, location, proof of sales price, and remits a royalty payment.

anti-counterfeiting protocol

ATO certifies artwork by collecting a list of metrics around it and launches each work on the blockchain. If a similar work appears online or is inquired upon - ATO tracks it and notifies the artists, collector, and gallery in real-time.

sales price tracking

Implementing a streamlined method of authenticating works and reaffirming resold artwork using the blockchain for every resale, ATO is instituting a new standard of transparency while benefiting both the collector and artist.


Any collector can confirm authenticity, current market price, demand, and ownership history of art for free on the ATO Platform. ATO provides a guarantee of authenticity.

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The ATO Platform is being tested with a select group of artists and galleries. If you are interested in participating please enter your email below.

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